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Past Trips

Past trips

November 10 – Caving Trip to Lava Beds National Monument

The lava beds south of Klamath Falls are remnants of the violent volcanic activity that once characterized our region. The caves found in the hard rock are more aptly referred to as tunnels or "tubes." These were left behind by particularly hot flows of magma that continued to move through cooler rock that had already begun to solidify. The tubes can vary considerably in size and character. Some consist of simple tunnels, others offer a more complex maze. Often, narrow crawlways open up into broad underground passages or rooms. The rock itself can be rough and black in one passage and then appear to be as smooth and brown as chocolate in the next. A day spent exploring the many different caves offers one the opportunity to see geologic history literally from the inside out. Almost as popular as the caving portion of the trip is the pizza stop in Klamath Falls on the way home!

October 17 – Day Hike up Mt. Eddy

Mount Eddy has the distinction of being the highest mountain in the continental United States west of I-5. On a clear day, the peak offers commanding views up and down the coast range and across the Siskiyous of Northern California and Southern Oregon. Mount Eddy's majestic neighbor, Mount Shasta, stands tall across the valley to the east. The spectacular scenery one can take in from the top of Mount Eddy makes the climb a very worthwhile and satisfying one. The hike is only moderately strenuous, covering 4.5 miles one way while rising 2600 vertical feet from trailhead to summit.

September 11-13 – Kayaks on the Rogue

Highlights include 2 nights of camping with a day in between spent floating the Rogue River in inflatable kayaks. The stretch of river near the small town of Galice is a fun one--a great stretch even if you are not an experienced boater (but with just enough wave action to keep you on your toes!). The rugged scenery of the Rogue River canyon is spectacular, and there are great opportunities to view bird and animal life along the banks. Right now, the weather in September is forecast to be sunny and warm. So, it sounds like an ideal way to say one last goodbye to summer as we ease into a new school year.

July 26-August 1, 2015: Three Sisters backpacking trip

We spent seven days and six nights in the beautiful Three Sisters Wilderness of central Oregon. Starting and ending at the south end of the Wilderness, we hiked out and back along the Pacific Crest Trail towards Separation Creek and Linton Meadows. Another awesome trip!

August 3-9, 2014: Three Sisters Wilderness backpacking trip

We headed back to Oregon's most popular wilderness area. We explored the north and west side of the Three Sisters Wilderness, from Mathieu Lakes down the Pacific Crest Trail to Linton Meadows and back.

July 11-20, 2014: San Juan Islands bicycling tour

Our group hopped from island to island on ferries during our ten-day tour. We explored the byways of the beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington state.

2014 Backpacking Trip

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