• Hero Photos GIVING WEEK 2


Thank you for supporting our incredible community!
Your gift creates transformative experiences for our students.
Brett and Denise Poisson
Ann Eiler
Lithia Motors Support Services, Inc
CJ Horton Family Foundation
Craig and Jane Horton
John and Emily Callahan
Hayley Morrow
Vivian Johnson
Amazon Smile
Kimberly Hauser and Craig Berger
Christopher M Johnson
Jim and Colette Meyer
Jerry '62 and Pat (O'Hara) '62 Higgins
American Endowment Foundation
Courtney Driscoll
The Wetter Foundation
David and Karyn Wetter
Lisa Bebell '97
Luke '93 and Michele Zimmer
Jerry Burke and Denise Burke, MD
Paul and Summer Gunn
Bob '59 and Susan (Reavis) '62 Farra
Bruce and Susan Taylor
Kristin and Matthew Beers
Eping Hung and Anne Huang, MD
Kylie and David Clement
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Ray and April King
Nathaniel '93 and Nicole Mucha
Kathy Chelminiak
Richey and Tamaria Kemmling
Mike and Melanie Neilitz
Grayson Welburn '27
Jill Eiler
Ben and Pamela Bergreen
John and Nancy AufderHeide
Leah Bernard, MD and Ryan Bernard
Bethany and Berk Brown
Brett and Molly Bruins
Vincent and Veronika Comerchero
Chuck and Sandee Dibb
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Al and Ann Hunter
Kelly Jones
Erin Maxson Kiene and Jesse Kiene
Adam and Lucinda Peterson
Frank Phillips
Sarah (Naumes) '97 and Kevin Primerano
Schwab Charitable Fund
Megan and John Stillwell
Rebecca (Naumes) '99 and Arturo Vega
Kaelynn Welburn Fletcher and Matt Fletcher
Ron Wilcox and Christel Steffen
Darcy and Matt Yazzolino
David and Kathy Stewart
Beth Andres-Beck '01
Randy and Marlene Nelson
The Dylan McNeil Foundation
Eve and Joel Benton
Dr. Patrick Denard and Marion Denard
Oregon Shoulder Institute
Scott Richter '15
Jeff Wiencek
John and Kathy Chmelir
Dr. Natasha Chmelir and Bill Chmelir
Sid and Karen DeBoer
OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation
Derek '06 and Oi (Chuakeaw) '06 Roemer
Sid and Karen DeBoer Foundation
Joe Weston
Katie and Zak Ali
Robert and Jodie Arellano
Brains on Beer
Lauren Cutler
Mike Kauffman (The Vasey Family)
Ryan and Zoe Lehmann
Chad Xu and May Jin
Panpro Manufacturing Ltd.
Dr. Andy Kranenburg and Amy Kranenburg
Larry and Rachel Hall
Dale and Diane Jensen
Laura Delgado
Jo-C Whipple '11
Henry and Jerilyn Olson
Laurie Meyer
Gina Marie Agosta '00
Steven Hersch, MD and Jill A. Hersch, PhD
Eric and Holly Jensen
Whitney and Richard Yeamans
Michael '96 and Tina Miller
Lauren Huizinga '03 and Chase Frei
Charles Smith
Philip and Simone Smith
Drs. Mirek and Eileen Bobek
Mark '88 and Lauren DeBoer
Morgan Stanley Gift Fund
Anne (Baird) '83 and Chris Adderson
Kate Levin and Dr. David Levin
Andy and Mercedes Dickinson
Lars Johansson and Magdolna Rozs-Johansson
Douglas and Gena Hauser
Lesley Klecan and Fred Thieme
James Day and Adena Day-Tryon
Hollie and Trevor Arnold
Sally and Jon Gasik
Andrea Saxon Gibson and Brady Gibson
Tom and Gwen O'Neill
Steve Bernhardt
Hal and Fran Wing
Sherri Herren
Mac and Bonnie McClung
Aundrea (Roberts) '07 and Patrick Mitchell
Katie (Hansen) '98 and Marty Miller
Lia and Geoff Kirkpatrick
Caitlin Whispell
Michaela and Howard Lavick
Scott King
Drs. Leonard and Jacqueline Wilk
Bryce and Emily Pulliam
Vivian Johnson
Brooke Nuckles
Stephen and Judy Gambee
Betsy and Bernie Moore
Kevin and Nikki Keating
Mary Kay (Conroy) '56 and Jim Conser
Carole Manning
John North
PK Koehler
Doug and Terrie Kirkpatrick
Deanna Cooley
Mason Cooley '23
Roger and Sandy Cooley
Chelsea Qi
Tia and Steven McKenzie
George Phillips '05
Hannah Graunke '13
Daniel '05 and Elie (Boggess) '05 Bunn
Freel Family Foundation
Dave and Jeanne Freel
Cody Freel '12
J.D. Freel '11
Andrea (Freel) '97 and Cory TenBrink
Julie King
Susan (Becic) Wainwright '73
Lele Du
Kristen Lycett '03 and Mike Haddaway
Dick and Barbara MacMillen
Tim '05 and Thuy Kirkpatrick
Mike '61 and Kathie Lewis
Karen (Schmitt) '73 and Kelly Gibson
Gary and Kathy Curtis
William Kranenburg '21
Reese Lam '17
Eric Jensen '67
Marcus and Sabrina McNeil
The Patridge Family
Shane and Anne Drury
Edward and Katy Impert
Chris Cooley and Becky James-Cooley
Eric and Carissa Dames
Chrysten Rivard '95
Ed and Ann Istel
Chris and Emily Johnson
Jared and Joelle Pulver
Herb and Meloney Quady
Scott MacDonald
Riza Thaiba and Alok Shrestha
Chris and Nicole Wasgatt
Tim and Emily Johnston
Mark and Steffi Humphrey
Jen Guo
Dave and Vanessa Heckman
Russell Horn, OD and Jackie Clair-Horn, OD
Melanie Breidenthal
Dental Hygiene Direct
Willis and Krystin Drake
Alan and Courtney Welburn
Brandon and Lauren White
Kim Roemer
Jens Heycke and Kelly Conlon
Mike and Laura Naumes
Scott Mulkins and Erin Sargent-Mulkins
Steve and Annie Eadie
Becky Fuller '14
Uzo and Rosemary Chiedozi
Craig and Kayde Lemley
James and Margaret Shaughnessy
Monique Lopez and Jonathan Rosales
Tina (Linneman) '94 and Adam August
Matt Oliva and Davis Wilkins
Fred Mihm and Fiona Cosmann-Mihm
Drs. Adam AufderHeide and Emily Steinbis
Madeleine Palomino
Jason and Karin Kuhl
Matt and Natalya Miller
Aaron and Kelsy Ausland
May Xie
Matt Hansen and Kris Darlington-Hansen
Cody and Tiffany Bass
Greg and Shannon Magda
Rich and Stacy Owens
Roth and Danielle Khieu
Bill and Janet Bagley
Drs. Mitchell and Ellen Plummer
Dan and Susie Doss
Brian and Jessie Pannell
Nick '00 and Ashley Phillips
Linda Huizar
Kermit and Christine Compeau
John and Louise Peterson
Barry and Carol White
Adam and Suzanne Wurstle
Tom and Maureen Becker
Sue Harrison
Steve Withers
Kathy Chelminiak
Brooke McLeod '06
Woolsey McKernon, III and Steffani Aranas
Gary and Claircy Welburn
Michelle and Warren Hensman
Eric and Chanel Palmer
The Donor Wall for I Am PHIL Giving Week is updated daily to include donors from the previous day. Donors are listed by their date of donation. Please contact Hayley Morrow if you would like to change the way your donor recognition appears.