I Am Phil 

Who is Phil? You are! Anyone who gives Philanthropically to St. Mary's School is Phil.

"I am Phil because.....I see the opportunities that have been made available to my children due to their St. Mary's education. A small school allows for close relationships with their teachers which has allowed my children to flourish at St. Mary's. I am Phil because.....I see how it prepares its students to succeed in college. St. Mary's is truly a college prep school!" -Kristi Bennion, St. Mary's Parent and Alumni Parent
"I am Phil because it’s a way for me to show my gratitude for the wonderful education my children have received at St. Mary’s. The teachers have always been so supportive and both of our children have thrived in the St. Mary’s environment. When counting our many blessings, St. Mary’s is right up there at the top!” -Kristin Schwartz, St. Mary's Alumni Parent

I am Phil because of the amazing way my kids have grown academically, creatively, spiritually, and socially. The small school environment with world-class teachers and administrators has directly impacted them in so many positive ways. When your child gets to college, you will see a level of confidence and ability that stems from their experiences at this wonderful school.-Mike Schwartz, St. Mary's Parent and Alumni Parent
"I am Phil because… We are so very blessed to have and be a part of this amazing school. As we have had between one and three children here at St. Mary’s since 1998 (last one to graduate 2016!) we have seen firsthand the evolution of this unparalleled institution. The incredibly committed teachers, gifted students, supportive parents, and hard working staff and administration unite as the St. Mary’s family and this family has as it’s common goal to nurture and grow our students intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. One need only look at the St. Mary’s graduates – intelligent, caring, able, world citizens guided by a moral compass – to know this school and our St. Mary’s family is succeeding." -Dr. Peter Grant, St. Mary's Parent and Alumni Parent
"We are Phil because...in Todays fast paced environment you really don’t get a second chance for an education. St. Mary’s provides a team environment including teachers, students, and parents….all doing their part both at school and at home to achieve a common objective of preparing responsible, intelligent, and caring citizens.
A successful adult life begins with a solid foundation and by offering a challenging academic environment of which inspires and supports the students, St. Mary’s accomplishes this.
In an ever changing business environment being equipped with the proper knowledge, confidence, and values is crucial in maintaining a competitive edge and St. Mary’s provides the intellectual curiosity and academic excellence to achieve this with our next generation."
-Kelly and Herstle Jones, St. Mary's Parents
"[I am Phil] to the St. Mary's annual fund for a variety of reasons, but the primary motivation is that I was a student that received financial aid to make a St. Mary's education possible. I feel the responsibility to contribute to give others that might not be able to afford the opportunity the same chance I was given."
-Joseph Welsh, St. Mary's Alum, 1992
"There are two main reasons I give [I am Phil]. First, to say thank you to all the faculty and staff who were a part of my education and upbringing. They did more than teach academics...they were like extended family and I love them. And second, because while I was a student I had no idea how special St. Mary's was. I thought this was the kind of education all middle and high school students received. Unfortunately that's not the case...but it should be. So I give to make sure others have the same incredible opportunities I did." -Gina Marie Agosta, St. Mary's Alum, '00