12th Grade

Keeping an open mind and creating a list of colleges that are ALL good choices is the key to applying to college. Only apply to colleges you would be happy to attend. Make sure the college is a good fit for you—both academically and socially. If you do not feel comfortable there, do not apply.

There are many resources available to seniors during the entire college application process.
· Individual meetings with their college counselor to develop lists and answer questions.
· College application workshops—some led by the counselors and others led by college admissions officers.
· Mock interview nights with community members interviewing students.
· Application Review night led by college admissions officers.
· Group meetings during classes and in the dorm to go over the application process.
· College admissions officers visit our campus.
A great deal of support is provided to students throughout the entire process. Seniors who make thoughtful choices as to where they apply are often thrilled with the results in April.