MS Science Olympiad Team Earns Medals

Congratulations to this brilliant minds!
The Middle School Science Olympiad team had another great year! With only one returning team member from last year, we managed to pull off placing 6th in state with 8 students. 
Way to go team! 
Medal Winners:
2nd place-Dynamic Planet: Brady Stenson
2nd place- Road Scholars: Kayleb Etchegaray & Colin Dennett
3rd Place- BioProcess Lab: Sanibel Miller
3rd Place- Green Generation: Natalie Hung & Tyler Cabalo
Honorable Finish:
4th place - Crime Busters: Andrew Youseff & Dawson Ghavam
4th place - Sounds of Music: Colin Dennett & Kayleb Etchegaray
4th place - Write It, Do It: Natalie Hung & Tyler Cabalo
5th place - Anatomy & Physiology: Sanibel Miller
5th place - Rocks & Minerals: Andrew Youseff
5th place - Disease Detectives: Brady Stenson
5th place - Ping Pong Parachute: Andrew Youseff
5th place - Meteorology: Kayleb Etchegaray & Colin Dennett
6th place - Ornithology; Dawson Ghavam
6th place - Codebusters: Brady Stenson
6th place - Crave the Wave: Dawson Ghavam
6th place - Experimental Design: Natalie Hung & Tyler Cabalo