Walk with us to familiarize yourself with the flow of walking "traffic" around campus!
Dear St. Mary's Families,
We are currently working through the myriad details for the reopening of campus for Mod 3, November 9, 2020.  
Our aim, of course, is to reopen school as safely as possible and in full compliance with guidelines set forth in the Oregon Department of Education's "Ready Schools, Safe Learners" manual as well as in accordance with the plans we developed with input and advice from Jackson County Public Health and with the hard work and recommendations of several parent-employee committees this past summer.  
Here you will find a comprehensive document, which includes embedded links to other documents, explaining how we are going to go about reopening campus, what the day will be like for your students, what safety measures we are employing, what the daily schedules will be for the middle school and the high school, check-in procedures, rules for masks, lunches, passing time, drop-off, pick-up, protocols and procedures for any confirmed cases of Covid-19, how remote learning will be conducted for students and families choosing to remain online, and many other topics.  
Please read through this document and share it with your students so you can be informed participants in the reopening.  A safe and successful reopening will require 100% good citizenship from parents, students, teachers, and staff, with all of us knowing, understanding, and following the same rules.  
Although we have tried to be thorough in these documents, we realize you may have questions not covered therein. We will hold a "town hall" meeting, as we did at the beginning of the school year, on Zoom at 7pm on Monday, November 2, 2020 to answer any questions you may have.  Here is the link to that meeting. If, after reading the attached documents you do have questions, please submit those questions here prior to the November 2nd meeting, and we will answer them at that time.  We will also record that meeting and make it available online for the entire St. Mary's community.
As I type this email, 238 families have responded to our survey asking if your student will be returning to school in-person or will prefer to remain online.  
212 students/families (89%) have indicated that they will choose the in-person option and 26 (11%) have opted to remain online.  
We are still waiting for another 283 responses.  We hope that these documents will assist you in your decision if you have not yet made it.
We do need each and every family to make a decision and to notify us as we need exact student counts for each class, each room, each period of each day.  We also fully realize that this is a personal decision, and in many cases not an easy one, for each family to make.  Whatever decision you make is the right one as far as we at St. Mary's are concerned.  We respect your decisions and we will do our very best to make sure every student's needs are met during these challenging times.  
Frank Phillips
St. Mary's School