Board of Trustees

Greetings from the St. Mary's Board of Trustees!
The St. Mary's Board of Trustees includes parents, alumni, and community members who are entrusted with the mission and long-term stability of the school. The Board comprises individuals with a diverse range of expertise, interests, and perspectives who all share responsibility for the fiscal and legal health of the St. Mary's school system. 

In this capacity, the Board of Trustees works closely with the President of St. Mary's to develop a strategic plan and provide oversight as it is implemented. 

Trustees also serve as de facto ambassadors for St. Mary's on campus and in the community. Being passionate about St. Mary's, trustees educate others about the school, the excellent education it provides its students and the important role the school plays in Southern Oregon and around the globe.

List of 19 items.

  • Dr. Mirek Bobek

  • Tracy McGovern

    Chair Elect
  • Dr. Natasha Chmelir

  • Jens Heycke

  • Ryan Bernard

  • Chris Borovansky

  • Steven Boswell

  • Dr. David Chamberland

  • Tanny Flowers

  • Judy Gambee

  • Dr. Peter Grant

  • Jeresa Hren

  • Christian Istel

  • Scott King

  • Amy Kranenburg

  • Tina Miller

  • Adam Peterson

  • Fr. Ken Sampson

  • Chuck Watson