Board of Trustees

Greetings from the St. Mary's Board of Trustees!
Thank you for your interest in St. Mary's School. We are proud of the students, teachers, and families that are committed to achieving an excellent educational environment. This type of passion is what molds and infuses greatness.

As a group of parents, alumni, and community members, our job as a Board of Trustees is very different from that of a typical Board of Directors. We do not direct (translation: we don't tell the President how to run the school). Rather, we are, quite literally, entrusted with the mission and long-term stability of the school. Everything we discuss either addresses how St. Mary's realizes its mission or pertains to the fiscal or legal health of the school.

We don't direct the President of the school on what classes to offer, which students to admit, or teachers to hire. Instead, we listen as he tells us how various changes and additions support the school's mission. We encourage the President in every way possible, by sending him to conferences, listening to proposals, approving new funding, and overseeing annual evaluations of his work and ours. If there is a price tag attached to a particular proposal, we look at ways to fund it and consider how the costs will change or be absorbed in future years. We are also de facto ambassadors for the school: on campus and in the community, we educate others about St. Mary's and sing its praises.

And finally, we are guided by our Strategic Plan, an impressively comprehensive document that lists major tasks - financial benchmarks, proposed program changes, campus maintenance and improvements, and fundraising goals - that the Board needs to accomplish in the coming years. Our Finance Committee Chair believes firmly in Mr. Micawber's maxim: "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery." and we spend time weighing each budget item carefully.

Additionally, we are always working to improve the Board itself so that it comprises a diverse range of expertise, interests, and contingents. The most exciting part of our job is listening to our President and others present innovative ideas for new programs. As soon as these ideas take hold and become reality, we announce the plans to the St. Mary's community, and we have the satisfaction of knowing that this new idea has been well-planned, thoroughly reviewed, carefully analyzed, and responsibly budgeted.

St. Mary's School is a very special place. As the Board of Trustees, we are acutely aware of this in our community by the amazing citizens that have developed from their time at our school. Each Board member is proud individually and collectively for the results achieved by being involved with this great institution.

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