St. Mary's Online Academy (SMOA)

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St. Mary's Online Academy (SMOA) is a global online learning platform offered by St. Mary's School, a renowned U.S. private preparatory school located in Medford, Oregon.  This century-old American institution, who's excellence has transcended time, has grown to bring authentic American elementary, middle, and high school education to China, South Korea, Vietnam and other parts of the world.  SMOA is interlinked with St. Mary’s School, Oregon and our 10 campuses across China, and is seamlessly connected to the traditional American education management system.  Students have access to an advanced American curriculum based on common core and includes STEM classes, a full range of Advanced Placement courses for Juniors and Seniors, courses and clubs focused on preparing students for cultural assimilation in the U.S., individual language support classes for those who need additional help in English, and an integrated student grading system enabling students to get instant teacher feedback. With the AP offerings and academic support services we have on hand, students have the potential to graduate high school with over a year of undergraduate college credit already completed before ever having stepped foot on a U.S. college campus.  Our integrated online courses are taught by an experienced American faculty whose skills and commitment are second to none during normal school hours on China Standard Time. SMOA adopts both online and offline learning networks with small class teaching, live classroom with the added benefit of class recordings as well as in-person and onsite instruction on campus. Depending on their needs, students can choose online learning only or combined offline-onsite learning. They can even switch back and forth. Our students earn credits, receive transcripts, and diplomas from St. Mary's School in Oregon, an institution that is highly recognized by U.S. high schools and universities, greatly improving students' academic competitiveness and facilitating their admission to higher education.

SMOA has built a strong, professional and experienced bilingual tutoring team to complement its academic faculty and family education consultant team for students and parents. This provides students comprehensive one-to-one academic guidance and family education services to nurture students and helps parents become a part of the process of identifying and resolving issues and difficulties.

St. Mary's School's wealth of experience has allowed the school to develop the St. Mary’s Online Academy with student needs in mind and in accordance with student-centric approaches. Our program provides a one-stop solution for students and parents interested in international education who want a full range of option and services.  We bring an authentic U.S. high school experience to thousands of students in China so they can gain the tools to achieve their dreams.  For our students, academic excellence is just one click away!
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圣玛丽在线学院(SMS ONLINE ACADEMY,简称SMOA)是美国百年名校圣玛丽中学的全球网上学习平台,跨越时间与空间的限制,把真正的美国高中教育带到中国、韩国、越南等世界各地。SMOA与美国圣玛丽学校本部、中国10个校区在美国教学管理系统、美国标准课程体系、美国标准学生评分系统和美国名师教学团队上共联互通、无缝衔接,线上同步开设标准美国高中课程,包括AP先修课程、纯正美高课程、语言支撑课程、文化核心课程、STEM特色课程、文化艺术特色课程等,并由在线教学经验丰富的美国名师采用中国时区的时间为学生们授课。SMOA采用线上线下双螺旋复合学习模式,小班授课,线上以直播加录播的形式,线下以校区实体教学的形式。学生可根据自身需求,选择纯线上学习或与线下校区相结合的模式。最终学生可获得美国学分、由美国圣玛丽学校开具成绩单和毕业证书,均被所有美国大学认可,极大地提高学生的学术竞争力,助力升学。



Frank Phillips, Head of St. Mary's School

Governance Team

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  • Frank Phillips

    Brown University – BA
    Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business – M.B.A.
  • Brett Allen Hueffmeier, J.D.

    Washington University in St. Louis – B.A.
    St. Louis University, School of Law – J.D.
  • Lisa Rosales

    Johns Hopkins University – M.S.
    Capella University – M.S.
    University of Maryland College Park – B.S