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The St. Mary's Chapel

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The St. Mary's Chapel, which was dedicated in 2012 by then-Archbishop John Vlazny, is based on the architecture of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, located in Ravenna, Italy. Galla Placidia was a devout Christian and the daughter of Emperor Theodosius I. The mausoleum was reportedly the first Christian building built in the shape of a Greek cross.

The Chapel features an Italian tile roof, travertine floor, niches for bas-relief sculpture, and thirty-two stained-glass windows produced by local artist Kevin Christman. The art in each of the four arms of the chapel is thematic, representing four stages in the journey of growth and faith: parenting and nurturing; call and response in service; teaching and learning; and sending forth. For information on naming opportunities inside the St. Mary's Chapel please click here.