Philanthropy at St. Mary's

Welcome to Philanthropy at St. Mary's School, where every donor is a "Phil". This is our "Phil"anthropic approach to fundraising, and this is Phil. He is the representation of every single one of our donors. Meet more "Phil's' here.
Every gift to St. Mary's is an investment in our students education and future. We look to our parents for support, as they see the difference a St. Mary's education in making in their child's life. 

We look to our alumni as they know the true benefit of a St. Mary's education. They lived the experience and know better than anyone how St. Mary's helped prepare them for college and for life.

We also look to alumni parents who invested in a St. Mary's education for their children, and have seen first-hand the dividends of that investment.

Moreover, we look to our community and beyond for those who understand the value of the St. Mary's education and value the future leaders we are educating.

Your annual fund gift will support whatever is near and dear to your heart: financial aid, academic programs, enrichment activities, or athletics. It's up to you! 

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  • Financial Aid

    Over 40% of our students receive financial aid; we are honored to be able to offer so many of our students this important assistance. 
  • Enrichment Activities

    Students have at least one enrichment course every day, and access to over 40 student-led clubs in which they participate each week.
  • Academic Programs

    We offer our students a selection of 200+ courses from which to build their schedules; inspiring passion and curiosity.
  • Athletics

    An engaged student body, St. Mary's celebrates that over 70% of our students participate in at least one sport each year. 

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