International Student Life at St. Mary's

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  • Our International Program: Proven Success

    The St. Mary’s School International Program has been in place for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of students gain acceptances to top universities in the US and other countries. With this expertise, we know how to help students adjust culturally and academically for success both in high school and at university. Each year, 100% of our international students are accepted to universities and 60% are accepted to the top 50 national universities.
  • Academics

    St. Mary’s offers international students constant individual attention during their school year. The care we provide includes:
    • Academic care provided by Ms. Ronda Sheffield, Director of International Programs; Mr. Ryan Bernard, High School Vice Principal; and Ms. Tara Weinberg, English Language Teacher
    • Individualized academic advising for each student
    • Complete college advising from Grade 9 to Grade 12
    • Study hall Monday - Thursday evenings
    • TOEFL offered at St. Mary’s School 6 times per year
    • SAT and ACT offered at St. Mary’s School from August to May
  • Personal support

    In addition to the full-time Resident Advisors in the dormitory, our international students have access to the staff of the International Department for any personal needs such as banking help, emotional support and other non-school related needs.
  • Weekend/Mod break activities

    Our international students have a wide selection of activities to choose from throughout the year, including during weekends and Mod breaks. These activities range from video game competitions, Ping-Pong tournaments, midnight dodge ball, trips to Portland for NBA games or MLS Soccer games, local hikes, and so much more.
  • Transportation

    Our residential staff is fully licensed and insured to drive our St. Mary’s vans for any student trips, activities or appointments. Our students’ transportation needs are always considered and scheduled accordingly.
  • Health support

    The St. Mary’s campus is located one block from a 5-star rated medical center to provide any medical care necessary for your student. A member of the St. Mary’s International Program or dormitory staff transports students to their appointments and assists with their care plans.
  • Family Support

    From the moment your student arrives on the St. Mary’s campus, our International Program team members Ms. Ronda Sheffield and Ms. Lele Du keep you informed of their status and progress through weekly reports, communication through our student database (MyBackpack) and through a St. Mary’s parents WeChat or Facebook groups.

Meet our Team

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  • Director of Admissions

    Mrs. Rebecca Vega has been a part of the St. Mary's international community for over 12 years, greatly contributing to its success.  It is with this experience and expertise, in addition to the other members of her team, that she oversees the St. Mary's International Program and cares for all students in our community.

    You can e-mail Mrs. Vega at
  • International Admissions Assistant

    Originally from China, Ms. Lele Du joined St. Mary’s in 2013 working in the international program on admissions, academic life, and assisting and supporting international students in all ways, and communicating with international parents as necessary. Ms. Du is pursuing UCLA’s College Counseling Certificate program and has been working on the College Counseling team from Fall 2021 helping international students on the college application process and guiding international students from 9th grade.

    You can email Ms. Du at or contact her on WeChat.
  • Director of Residential Life

    Mr. Brett Bruins has been involved in international education for more than 20 years, first as a student in Germany and later as a teacher in Senegal, Thailand, Kuwait and China, where he lived in Chengdu and Shenzhen with his wife and children. Mr. Bruins brings a very good understanding of what it is like to move to a new country and study in a new language. He is pleased to have the opportunity to assist and guide students during their time at St. Mary's School.

    You can e-mail Mr. Bruins at