St. Mary's Philosophy

St. Mary’s School teaches students to lead purposeful lives in service to others and is devoted to the pursuit of excellence in character and scholarship. A nurturing, internationally diverse community that encourages students and adults to respect and learn from one another, St. Mary’s School is dedicated to the development of global leaders through academic rigor and civic participation. Grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, St. Mary’s School values all persons and encourages students to seek truth and meaning in their lives while integrating what they learn with how they live.

At St. Mary's, we are...

  • DEDICATED SCHOLARS who are college-bound, with the skills and knowledge to ask compelling questions and seek multiple perspectives.

  • CREATIVE THINKERS whose inherent curiosity ignites a passion for new ideas and empowers us to embrace challenges.

  • RESPONSIBLE COMMUNITY MEMBERS who serve others and contribute to the betterment of the school and the world beyond. 

  • GLOBAL CITIZENS who demonstrate empathy and integrity, guided by a sound moral compass.

  • JOYFUL SPIRITS who make time for school, family, friends, personal interests, and spiritual growth.


Professional Excellence

St. Mary's teachers inspire students to achieve their full potential in thought, word, and deed. Creative and compassionate, they provide a supportive community that values excellence, integrity, and diversity. Our teachers share a visible enthusiasm for professionalism, innovation, and scholarship.
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