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Fit. A word heard time and again in the college search and application process. At St. Mary’s, we encourage all of our students to pursue higher education, from community college to the Ivy League, which is why we provide advising so that each student can find places where they will thrive.

We encourage our students to discover their interests and create paths to explore these interests further. Simply doing what we ask of our students puts St. Mary’s students on a path for success. Rather than feeding into the frenzy of college admissions madness, we encourage our students to enjoy their time here and discover their talents. No “shoulds” included. Ironically, being yourself is the best thing you can do to better your chances of admission at highly selective colleges.

We tell students that admissions officers are looking for what you bring to their campus. And what can you bring to campus that is unique? You. You and your unique perspective. Your application should be an accurate representation of you, which is a good thing when your list is filled with schools that are a good fit. You are the best you in the universe. There is not another you out there. So why would you try to be someone else? In a world filled with people trying to impress, honesty and forthrightness are refreshing. 

We recognize that there are many factors that go into the decision-making process and we help students carefully consider their options. We meet with students and parents throughout their time at St. Mary's, including presentations in classes and evening events. Students at any grade level are welcome to schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor at any time.

Students and parents are welcome to talk with Ms. Klecan, the Director of College Counseling, or Lucinda Peterson, our Assistant College Counselor, at any time. We are here to make the journey to college as easy as possible!
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To the Class of 2020

Meet the Team

Mrs. Lesley Klecan
Director of College Counseling
Mrs. Lucinda Peterson
Director of Scheduling and Assistant College Counselor

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  • For College Reps

    Thank you for taking a closer look at St. Mary's School. We pride ourselves on offering a rich curriculum that helps students learn how to think, rather than what to think.

    We challenge students to be curious and engaged through our unique mod system and innovative curriculum. Whether a freshman reading the Beowulf in an English course titled, "Where There be Dragons" or a senior opting to do an Honor's Thesis, students at St. Mary's are engaged in their learning and in their community.

    School visits may be scheduled through Rep Visits or by contacting Lucinda Peterson, our Assistant College Counselor.

    We also welcome your involvement in application review nights, mock interviews, and application workshops.
    Key event dates include:
    • Sept. 19 (6-8 pm) Application Workshop 
    • October 8 (6-8 pm) Financial Aid Info Night for parents
    • October 9 (6-8 pm) Application Workshop  
    • October 30 (6-8 pm) Interview Evening
    • Nov. 23 (9-Noon )Application Workshop
    • January 28 (6-8:30pm) All Things College Info Night
  • For Students & Families

    Naviance is our software for college counseling. It holds all things college & career related. Students and parents can access test scores, perform college searches, keep track of applications, take surveys, explore careers, and see acceptance data for St. Mary's students in the last five years. School visit information by college admissions officers, monthly newsletters, and handouts given in class are also available. Click here for access to Naviance.
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