The Dormitory

The St. Mary's Dormitory hosts 54 students, opened its doors in August 2018, and provides our boarding students the opportunity to live steps away from their St. Mary’s academic world.

The dormitory is a fully supervised facility with a wide array of activities and services including a community kitchen, student lounge, in-room broadband Internet access, ping-pong and video competitions, and more. The cafeteria and school library are within steps of the dormitory. It is co-ed, with a girls’ floor and a boys’ floor, and has two full-time Resident Advisors living on-site to ensure all students’ needs are met. Students will have access to our on-campus cafeteria for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks.

The dormitory is located on St. Mary’s secure campus, with photo identification and scan cards required to access the building and gender-separated floors once inside. There are also laundry facilities on each floor.

Dormitory life is a fantastic opportunity for our students to remain academically engaged while cultivating life-long friendships.

Living in the Dorms

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  • Having Fun at the Dorm

    The dormitory is a fully supervised facility with a wide array of activities and services including a cafeteria, in-room broadband internet access, recreational opportunities, student lounges and library access all within steps of the dormitory.
    One of the best parts of boarding life is the diverse activities that are organized each month. There are also a variety of school-wide activities like dances, which are open to all high school students.
  • Meetings at the Dorm

    Every week, the entire dormitory gathers to share information, address dormitory issues, and promote elements of character education and community membership.

    The meetings tackle serious issues as well as aspects of safety, health, personal responsibility, and community needs. The residential faculty also carry out a series of formal programs addressing community responsibility, dorm values, conflict resolution, time and stress management, and personal wellness and safety.
  • Studying at the Dorm

    To ensure that the students have enough time to study and to rest, the dormitory's curfew is 10 p.m. during the week and 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. All students are required to attend Study Hall from 7:15-9:15 on school nights.
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