9th & 10th Grade

Welcome to high school! Your first two years are a great time to try new things and cement good study habits.

· Be engaged in your learning. Choose classes that are challenging and interesting to you. Complete the YouScience survey.
· Get involved in campus activities and then expand your horizons to include the local community.
· Be aware of issues facing our community and compassionate toward others. As you complete your service learning hours, work to find service that is meaningful to you.
· Be committed to your aspirations. Dream big and make things happen. Ask your counselor for help with this!
· Develop relationships with your teachers and get used to asking for help.
· Consider interesting ways to fill your summers with volunteer or paid work.

During your underclassmen years, you will take the PSAT to help prepare you for the SAT. A college counselor will meet with students to explain the results and how to utilize resources for future individualized test prep. 

If you have the opportunity to visit colleges on a casual basis, do.

Keep an open mind. It is most important to develop as a person, not as a future college student. If you find yourself wondering if you should do an activity, ask yourself if you'd do it if you could NOT include it on a college application. If the answer is yes, do it!