What Colleges Want From Parents

The most difficult thing in the college application process is taking a backseat as a parent. As we allow our children to complete the process on their own, we show them that we believe they are capable. It is essential that the student is the one in charge of the process. They are the one going off to college.
Providing support, encouraging students to consider a range of schools, and reminding them of deadlines are the most helpful things a parent can do.

Be clear with your child about the realities of your finances and what you plan to budget for college. Plain speaking early on will help guide their creation of a list.
The one area that parents can actively help complete is the financial aid side. Be prepared to complete the FAFSA in October, and the CSS profile (if required by the college.)

Colleges would always rather speak to the student. So let your child make the call and ask the question. It is good practice for life.