Join the effort to make PPE for our local healthcare workers

Looking for ways to help your local medical community? Join Anne Adderson, Kacey Dewing, and Jill Hersch in sewing simple waterproof gowns our of party plastic tablecloths.
Jill Hersch was searching for PPE for her husband's private medical practice and reached out to the Emergency Operations Center. The EOC supplies PPE for all providers in Jackson County (this includes the hospitals, La Clinica, the urgent care centers, private practice physicians, nursing facilities, and other entities needing PPE). On April 7, the EOC received a shipment of 1,100 gowns for the entire county; their requests for that week were for 40,000 gowns. There remains a severe need for PPE in our local community. 

That's when Jill Hersch decided to find a way to make her own. She designed a pattern for a disposable, waterproof gown made from a tablecloth! The gown is made from a 54" x 108" plastic tablecloth, and is readily available at Dollar Tree, WalMart, Amazon, and online party stores. Jill explains that the EOC is thrilled with the idea of more gowns, and has posted her pattern on the OSU Extension website to create awareness state-wide. According to the EOC, the only gowns they have are the ones being made by the people who have stepped up to help with Jill's project. St. Mary's teachers Kacey Dewing and Anne Adderson are part of this project as well!

Want to get involved? Access the
 gown pattern HERE, view a FAQ sheet (which includes some sewing tips) HERE.

 If anyone wants to participate and has questions, they can reach Jill directly a