Adventuring in Community

Our 7th and 8th grade class adventures emphasize our belief that school should foster a love for learning and exploration. 
This year our seventh and eighth graders enjoyed the return of class trips. The trips play an important role in creating successful and independent learners. One of the greatest values of the class trips is in building community. The adventures create strong bonds between the students so they can rely upon and trust each other, create and strengthen friendships, and during both trips kids are going somewhere where most have not been. The shared experiences build community and makes St. Mary's what it is today. 

The seventh-grade natural history focus as they head out to eastern Oregon to hike, camp, learn and grow at OMSI's Hancock Field Station. While there's downtime and plenty of campfire songs, the trip is more focused on structured learning.

Our eighth-grade class trip adds in a community service component. This primes students for the increase in community service they are required to do as they become high schoolers. The class also visits places like Ft. Stevens, Alder Creek Farm, and Columbia River Maritime Museum. For the older students, the trip provides a balance of structured and unstructured time.