5th Graders Donate to World Wildlife Fund

St. Mary's celebrates its young authors!
We are happy to announce that we have sold 23 books of Mrs. Haden's 5th grade class novel. The class collaboratively wrote and illustrated the hardcover book titled Heroes of the Natural World! The class is proudly donating $59.92 to the World Wildlife Fund.

The book Heroes of the Natural World is still open to purchase on Amazon.  If you would like to contribute more to the World Wildlife Fund, please click on to this link to do so.

Heroes of the Natural World
Discover the many heroes of nature, and how they are impacted by humans, through the eyes of fifth-grade students. From carbon to coral and axolotls to ants, the pages of this book will take you on an inspiring journey through nature. Supporting and sustaining life on earth, are what the heroes of the natural world do, as they work together to create balance on our planet. In addition, we hope you will be inspired to help create a world where all living things can thrive, no matter how big or small. Our planet is the only globe we know of that supports life. It has helped us for 3.5 billion years. It is now our turn to help.