READ Program Kicks Off with Success!

"Amazing program!"
"Five Stars to St. Mary's Middle School Students" 
"I would highly recommend READ!"
St. Mary's READ Program is getting rave reviews! During Mod 2, 5th through 8th graders read more than 350 books! Students turned in their book review posters. The halls are now filled with dozens of book reviews!  

Are you looking for a good read? Check out some of these reviews to find a book you won't be able to put down!

More about READ...

READ is an acronym for Read, Enjoy And Discover
This program is an opportunity for Middle School students to delve into a world of books to read for pleasure, discover new places, and to increase their vocabulary. In each mod, beginning in Mod 2 and continuing through Mod 6, students select a book of their choice and read this book in their own time.
At the end of each mod, students will have a simple and fun project to complete to show their comprehension. The Middle School keeps track of how many books are read with a goal of reaching 2,000 by the end of the school year!