Eastward Bound

This week, three St. Mary's juniors competed in unique scholarship competition.
This week, three St. Mary's juniors competed in a unique scholarship competition. Isabella Handall-Miller, Kaylea Wilcox, and Ashley Anderson competed in the ODD Fellows and Rebekahs Pilgrimage for Youth Contest. For the competition, they had to write a 500 - 750 word essay: Describe a Current World Affair and How it Impacts Your Community in Oregon. Then, they had to present a 10-minute speech about their topic. The prize is the opportunity to be sponsored for "a summer educational tour of east-coast destinations for the purpose of learning about exchanging views on education, politics, and religion that affect world affairs." Additionally, during the tour, the winner will also compete against other winners from other jurisdictions for the opportunity to win a college scholarship. 
Isabella was named the winner to represent Southern Oregon on the pilgrimage. However, the Grants Pass Lodge kindly offered to sponsor Kaylea and Ashley. All three girls will be going on the pilgrimage. Isabella is sponsored by the Jacksonville and Central Point Lodges. Kaylea and Ashley are sponsored by the Grants Pass Lodge.
A huge thank you to the ODD Fellows and Rebekahs. Thank you to Mr. Craig Horton as well as the Jacksonville, Central Point, and Grants Pass Lodges for giving our students the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful experience.