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Welcome Back to School! We have compiled all the information you need to know for the first few weeks of school.

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  • MyStMarys Online Portal

    St. Mary’s School uses the MyStMarys online portal as our school's
    information system.  We hope you will find it to be a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.  MyStMarys allows students and parents to view schedules, grades, and other pertinent school information.  
    To log into MyStMarys, navigate to in your web browser and click on the “Forgot login or First time logging in?” link as seen here:
    Then, enter your email address (The one at which you receive official school communications is the one we have on file and is the one that you should use.) and check the boxes as seen here to receive your user name and a link to set your password.
    After you set your password and log in, please take a few minutes to go through the “Getting Started” tutorial that appears on your screen. This guides you to key locations where you can adjust your privacy settings and notification subscriptions.
    If the “Getting Started” tutorial does not appear or you dismiss it, you can get back to it by clicking on your name in the upper right of the screen and selecting “Getting Started”.

    Students and parents will be able to view schedule information using MyStMarys; there is also a Smart Tuition link on the Resource Board for your convenience. 

    We are confident that you will enjoy using MyStMarys. It’s a step up over MyBackPack and we think you will find the portal easy to use with a better interface. Please email our IT Helpdesk ( if you have any questions or encounter any problems.
  • Allergies & Medical Forms

    St. Mary’s School complies with Oregon state law requiring schools to establish specific policies and procedures for administration of medication by school staff and for self-administration of medication by students who are developmentally and/or behaviorally able. The term “medication” refers to both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications.
    Self-administration of medication by students
    Self-administration by students is allowed for any medication. Students who are self-administering will do so without any guidance or supervision from school staff.  The student who is self-administering will carry a one-day supply only (an exception is made for metered-dose inhalers) and the medication will be in the original labeled container.
    • For a student to self-administer, the parent and student must sign a Self-Medication Agreement. This agreement must be on file in the school office prior to the student bringing the medication to school.
    • Physician consent for self-administration of prescription medication should be noted on the prescription label.  
    Boarding students are not allowed to self-administer medication.  
  • Email addresses for Students and Staff

    Student email addresses are assigned to all students in grades 5-12. These will be made available during the first week of classes, at which time students will be given training on how to log in.

    To email any administrator, faculty member, student, or staff personnel, use the following format: first initial of the first name and last name spelled out For example, Bruce Wayne is
  • Athletics Registration

    Please click here to register for St. Mary's School athletics.

    More information about our athletic programs can be found here.

    Last call for registering for Fall Sports. If you have not registered for fall sports and would like to participate, please go to to register today! 

    Please refer to the website calendar for practice and game times for each team. Using the "Agenda" button will help you view the daily schedule. All of the ins and out of using the website will be covered in the Information meeting.
    If you have not turned in your physical yet and have been notified that you are missing one. You will be unable to start practice until it has been turned in to Tammy Martinez in the Athletic Department. Please feel free to scan and email it to
  • Directories

    Faculty and Staff directories can be found here.  Directories for parents and students can be found in MyStMarys, under "Directory" tab.
  • School Calendar and Syncing

    Visit our School Calendar

    You can sync the calendar with your phone calendar by clicking the "” icon. You can also sign up to receive email or text message reminders and notifications about calendar events through the Settings>Notifications section of your MyStMarys profile. 
  • Billing

    St. Mary’s uses SmartTuition for the school’s tuition management needs.  Below are several frequently asked questions regarding tuition and billing to help you get acquainted with your account.  
    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Billing: 

    How do I access my account information?   At the time of enrollment, you may remember setting up a SmartTuition account as a part of your enrollment contract completion. You may access your account, at any time, by going to the SmartTuition Parent website. Once you have activated your SmartTuition account (See SmartTuition Introduction Email) and your account is set-up with billing, you will receive a Welcome Email upon its activation. By going to you will be required to set-up your unique username and password by clicking on the I am a First Time User button.  To do so, parents are required to enter two of the following:

    • Email address 
    • Primary Telephone Number 
    • Family ID (which is their 13-digit SmartTuition account ID):

    Upon completing registration for a SmartTuition account, online, parents will receive a confirmation email  that contains the Family ID (above).   
    Once your log-in credentials are established, you will be able to view all activity and personal information.
    How do I get billed?   If the primary account holder elects to make payments through the mail, SmartTuition will email the invoice approximately 20 days before your due date (either the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on what you selected on the enrollment contract).  
    If an automatic debit from a checking or savings account has been selected, you will receive a welcome letter at the beginning of the school year and reminder email each month. These emails are sent approximately 10 days before your scheduled due date and will contain the debit amount. Your complete billing information will be available online.  It is NOT shared with the school or any 3rd party vendors. 
    How do you pay?   These are available options for you to choose from: 
    1. Credit Card - Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express cards are accepted. A 2.85%  convenience fee will be assessed to the payer for all credit card transactions.   
    2. Automatic  Debit  (aka  – ACH)  from your checking or savings account. There is no convenience fee for auto debit payments. 
    3. Payment by mail to SmartTuition (checks or money order payable to SmartTuition). Smart Tuition does not accept cash payments.  On your check, in the memo section, please include  your 13 digit SmartTuition account ID.  This number starts with 14363. A mailing address  for the payment will be included within your invoice statement. There is no convenience fee for mail-in payments.  

    Additional methods to make payment.  
    1. A credit card or ACH payment can be made through the SmartTuition secure website. 
    2. A credit card or ACH payment can be made over the phone by calling SmartTuition’s toll-free customer service line – (888)868-8828.
    3. Online payment initiated from your bank or financial institution. Please check with your financial institution to see if they do electronic funds transfer (aka – “Online Bill Pay”) with  SmartTuition. If not,  they will mail a check to SmartTuition. To ensure your payment is received on time, please set up your online bill pay to occur 7-10 days before your due date. 

    How is Financial Aid Applied?   For those that applied and received financial aid, your award will be applied to your account just prior to your first billing in July.   

    How does lunch service work?   Families can apply funds to their “MyKidsSpending” account for lunch services during the school year.  We’ll introduce you to MyKidsSpending in late summer. 
    Can I switch my payment method?   Your payment method may be changed by contacting SmartTuition’s parent support center, your school’s business office or on our secure website. A minimum of 3 business days notice is required to make changes or updates to your payment method. 
    I am separated/divorced, can my ex-spouse and I have separate SmartTuition accounts for our child(ren)?   Yes.  Please inform the school of this request so that they can work with SmartTuition to set-up separate accounts for you and your ex-spouse.  You will be required to confirm to the school what % of billing you and your ex-spouse are required to pay.  The school will then ensure that your account billing is set-up correctly.   

    NOTE: Neither you nor your ex-spouse will have access to each other’s SmartTuition account information (e.g.  – payment history, billing details, etc.) unless you authorize each other to our Parent Support Center and the school. 

    Who do I call if I have a question about my account?   If you have any questions regarding your account activity or are in need of assistance, contact the Smart Parent Support Center at (888) 868-8828.  

    What are the hours for the Smart Parent Support Center?   You can reach a live agent during the following hours.  After hours and during periods o  high call volume,  your call will be answered by the automated attendant.  This system can answer the vast majority of your questions. 

    • M-F 4:00AM-10:00PM (Pacific Standard Time) 
    • SAT 6:00AM-2:30PM (Pacific Standard Time) 
    • SUN 6:00AM-2:30PM (Pacific Standard Time)

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Kim Hauser, the Business Office Manager at St. Mary's School.  Kim is happy to assist you with anything related to tuition fees.  To contact Kim, feel free to call the school office or send her an email at
  • Student Handbook

    Click here to see the St. Mary's School Student/Parent Handbook.
  • Summer Reading

    Please click here to view the summer reading list for the Middle School. Our summer reading program has both a required and a self-directed component. We hope that you enjoy the selections!
  • Dress Code

    Dress Code and Personal Appearance

    Students are expected to present a neat, clean appearance both physically and in attire, bearing in mind that something that is appropriate in one place may not be appropriate in another. This means that clothing which is immodest, distracting, or in poor taste for the occasion, may be called into question and forbidden by the faculty. These guidelines apply to all school-sponsored activities and trips, including exam days, Spring Day, and field trips. We ask that parents work together with the School to support this policy.  
    Any questions regarding the appropriateness of an article of clothing should be directed to the Vice Principal prior to wearing it. The overall goal of the Dress Code is to maintain a school environment that is conducive both to work and to learning. The following standards have been established regarding clothing:
    • Clothing that is tight-fitting, revealing, ripped, frayed, worn, or that allows undergarments to show is not acceptable.  
    • Students should not wear the following items to school: torn or excessively worn clothes or clothing that is offensive or makes reference to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
    • A guest on campus or at a school-sponsored event is expected to follow the Dress Code, and it is the responsibility of the host to ensure that he or she does so.
    • On certain occasions, students may be asked to dress more formally.  Please see the Special Occasion Dress section below.
    • Students are expected to dress appropriately for sports practices and must wear jerseys or t-shirts, and shorts or sweatpants.


    • Shirts and tops should be modest, show no cleavage, and may at no time reveal the midriff.  If any midriff shows when you raise your arms above your head (without tugging or pulling at the top), then the top is too short and is unacceptable.  Pajama tops are not allowed.
    • Spaghetti straps and halter tops may not be worn.  


    Pants should be in good repair, fit sufficiently to stay in place at the waist, and not reveal the top of the underwear at the waistband. Pajama pants are not allowed.


    Shorts and skirts should be in good repair, fit sufficiently to stay in place at the waist, and not reveal the top of the underwear at the waistband.  Shorts and skirts must have a stitched hem and be at least mid-thigh in length.  


    Footwear must be worn at all times.  For safety reasons, students may be required to wear closed-toe shoes in science classes.  


    Students may not wear hats inside the buildings.

    Special Occasion Dress

    The School may require more formal dress on special occasions. Appropriate dress for boys includes a collared shirt, appropriate pants or dress pants (no jeans). Appropriate dress for girls includes a dress or dress pants/skirt and top. Flip-flops are not allowed.
    Students who choose not to comply with the Dress Code will be asked to go to the office until they don appropriate clothing. They may borrow appropriate clothing from the School or another student on the first offense and then return to class. On the second and subsequent offenses, they will be sent home or will remain in the office until a parent brings appropriate clothing to school. Any missed class time will be considered unexcused. Students who chronically abuse the Dress Code will be subject to disciplinary action. The Vice Principals are the final interpreters of Dress Code standards.  
  • Field Trips

    *Please note that due to Covid all field trips and class trips have been postponed, but we do look forward to adding these experiences back to our school year.
  • Holidays

    Families are encouraged to subscribe to the St. Mary's School calendar found on at

    Additionally, our yearly school calendars can be found here.
  • Laptops/ Technology

    Cell Phones, Mobile Technology and Laptops: Middle School

    We seek to help each member of the school community be a thoughtful and responsible user of cell phones and other electronic devices, including laptop computers. We encourage students to actively engage with each other and their teachers socially and academically. The use of cell phones and other personal electronics on campus can interfere with face-to-face communication and may adversely affect students’ academic and social development and the school community as a whole. Counseling and intervention will be provided for students who are unable to manage their laptop and electronic device use appropriately.
    Middle School students may not use mobile phones---or even have them visible---between the start of school day at 8:10 and the end of the school day at 3:15. To be specific, no calling, messaging, Snapchatting, “checking the time,” picture-taking, fantasy-team updating, Fortnite-playing, or using any other applications during school hours. Phones are to be powered off or in airplane mode and stored out of sight in a student’s backpack. This policy extends to all other personal electronics, including headphones, earbuds, AirPods, iPods and tablets.
    The only exception to this policy is if a student has explicit permission from or is under the direction of a teacher who is incorporating devices into a lesson or project. An example of this is using an iPhone’s inclinometer functionality during a Geometry trigonometry project.
    If families need to leave a text message for a student, students may request special permission at break or lunch from a faculty member to check these messages. Ideally, we kindly request that messages be called in to the front office, and they will be promptly delivered to your student.
    Laptop computer use in the Middle School: From the beginning of the school day at 8:10 until the end of the school day at 3:15, laptops may only be used for directly relevant academic purposes and only during class. Students may not use their laptops during break or lunch except with explicit permission from and under the direct supervision of a teacher.  To be specific, recreational game-playing, Spotify-listening, YouTube-watching, fantasy-team updating, and any other non-academic use is not allowed during the school day.

    Cell Phones, Mobile Technology and Laptops: High School

    St. Mary’s is an institution of academic learning, and students are expected to tailor their use of laptop computers and other electronic devices to that end. Excessive or improper use of laptop computers and other electronic devices can negatively affect students’ academic and social lives and the school community as a whole. Counseling and intervention will be provided for students who are unable to manage their laptop and electronic device use appropriately. We expect students to follow these guidelines.
    In the classroom, laptops and other electronic devices may only be used for relevant academic purposes except with the explicit permission of the instructor. Recreational game-playing and social networking are prohibited in the classroom. Individual teachers develop computer use policies for their classes and make their expectations known to their students.
    The library is an academic learning space. Recreational use of laptops and other electronic devices, and cell phone use in the library, is not permitted.
    Repeated inappropriate use of a laptop or other electronic device will result in serious consequences that may include limits placed on the student’s use of electronic technology. The school’s commitment to mutual respect extends to online interactions and social networks. Online bullying, harassment, threats, and attempts to intimidate or belittle are not tolerated.
    The St. Mary’s Computer Acceptable Use Policy provides additional details about user responsibilities with respect to copyright compliance, accessing the school’s network, email behavior, Internet safety, and more. Please see prior pages for more details.
    Cell Phones in the High School:  St. Mary’s encourages students to actively engage with each other and their teachers socially and academically. Use of cell phones on campus can interfere with face-to-face communication and may adversely affect academic and interpersonal focus. We ask community members to use cell phones thoughtfully and respectfully.  Cell phones may not be used in a way that interrupts the learning environment, distracts from others, or in any way violates the school’s code of conduct. Cell phones are not to be used during class unless a teacher otherwise allows them to be used. Teachers reserve the right to collect cell phones before or during class if they deem them to be distractions to a positive learning environment.  
    Parents should not text their students during the day. Call the front office and we’ll quickly reach your child. High School students who need to use their mobile phones to communicate with parents may do so in the front office or after obtaining permission from a teacher.
    Cell phone use is prohibited during assemblies, morning meetings, adviser group, and Masses.
    Personal electronic devices: For high school students, generally speaking, the use of personal audio players such as iPods is not permitted during the school day. However, in the high school, teachers have the latitude to allow students to use these devices in particular situations.  During the school day, mobile phones and wireless devices are not to be used except for breaks and lunches.
  • Parking Form

    For security reasons, students who drive cars to St. Mary’s School must register their cars at the beginning of the year with front office staff. Parking stickers that have been previously issued will stay assigned to the car as long as the student is enrolled. Student drivers must observe all traffic regulations within the parking lot, especially the maximum speed limit of five miles per hour. Students must park in designated parking spaces. Students who violate any of the student parking and driving rules on campus may have their cars towed at the owners’ expense. During school hours, students are permitted in their cars at lunch and during break, provided their cars are parked on campus and do not produce excessive noise or litter in the designated parking lot.
  • School Supplies and Textbooks

    The middle school supply list will be available in early August.  All students in grades 5-12 will need a laptop computer (not a tablet) every day at school. Our recommended device is a Chromebook. High school students should come prepared with a laptop, writing device, paper and folder/binder for the first day of school.

    Click here for the required textbooks for students in grades 6-8.
    Click here for the required textbooks for students in grades 9-12.

  • Student Schedules

    Student schedules can be found by logging into Mystmarys.  
    If you have questions about your schedule or if you’re missing a course, please email Lucinda Peterson, our scheduler. You may see some minor adjustments to schedules as we work to balance class sizes.

    Click here to see the high school master schedule. 

    The middle school day begins at 8:10am and ends at 3:15pm.

  • The Cafeteria

    The St. Mary's Cafeteria is open to students before, during, and after school hours.  Menu options as well as ordering and funding instructions can be found at My Kids Spending.  Students are encouraged to fund their cafeteria account via My Kids Spending.

    More information about the cafeteria can be found in the section below.
  • Yearly Calendars

    St. Mary's School operates on a modular schedule.  Click here to see our yearly calendars.