St. Mary's School Partners with Oxford Scholastica Academy

St. Mary's School has become one of the first schools to become an Oxford Scholastica Partner School!

Oxford Scholastica's mission is to inspire students to discover, explore and prepare for their futures at an earlier stage, giving them the edge to enable them to succeed, have purpose and make a difference, and they partner with leading schools that share those values.

As an Oxford Scholastica Partner School, St. Mary's School students get priority access to Oxford Scholastica's popular online:

● Courses - offering a taste of university learning, stretching students beyond the curriculum, and giving them the edge with their university applications

● Internships - work experience with real organizations

● Conferences - giving real-life insight into careers and courses such as Medicine, Business, Engineering, etc.

St. Mary's School's commitment to inspiring all students to discover their talents makes this partnership a perfect fit, and Oxford Scholastica looks forward to welcoming St. Mary's School students into their program. 

St. Mary's School students are entitled to a 15% discount on Oxford Scholastica's online programs and scholarships are available. Please contact Mr. Meyer for more information. 

More information about the Oxford Scholastica program can be found on their website at